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The BoMM Runs are a monthly event sponsored by TR and hosted aboard different boats every month.  Click Here for TR's website and a more detailed description of the BoMM.  Be sure to check out pictures of past runs.  This January run was aboard the John Arthur.  We had a great time!!!!.  It happens that HowsMyHat played at the Chesapeake Inn on January 21.  About 23 people braved the cold (it was 18 degrees outside) for the hour run up the Canal to Chesapeake City.  There, we all had a great time!!!

If you look close, you can just make out the Christmas tree on the stack of  John Arthur.  Mom took this picture as we docked on C Dock at the Chesapeake Inn. 

P1210204.JPG (582896 bytes)

Here are some of the revelers.

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Saturday morning, Dad and I went down to check on things in the snow and got some great pictures.  The ice is getting pretty thick these days.  I often wonder what the John Arthur thinks of being icebound.  These are fairly large pictures, so be patient for the download...

P1220210.JPG (563559 bytes) P1220212.JPG (568149 bytes) P1220214.JPG (560192 bytes) P1220215.JPG (582812 bytes)

Saturday it snowed about 8 inches.  Sunday we took pictures from the bridge and then from around town.

P1230220.JPG (662225 bytes) P1230221.JPG (659127 bytes) P1230223.JPG (615745 bytes) P1230225.JPG (612464 bytes) P1230227.JPG (596892 bytes)

On Monday, the Cecil Whig had a picture on page three. 

 scan0427.jpg (1216698 bytes)