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Chesapeake City hosts an annual festival and this year the John Arthur was front and center!!!  We had a great time.  A bunch of us left for the Basin on Thursday and arrived just after lunch.  We were early for the raft up, and still there were a few boats in place. 


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The Crew on the John Arthur consisted of George V, Dad, Mike U, Sharon, Leslie, and John.  Somehow most of them got off without a picture.

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The entire city of Chesapeake City is closed down with street vendors, music and food on Saturday.  The party starts on Friday for most of the boats.  The Chesapeake Inn is the focus of the boating.  They have live music, a great bar, and plenty of fun. The favorite place to hang out was the top of the wheelhouse.  It gave a commanding view of the revelry. 

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I'm going to send you to my good friend TR's website for some of the better pictures and story of Friday and Saturday.  He does a much better job and a cool panoramic picture of the whole basin on Saturday.  Don't miss it!!!

Here's a picture of Saturday from the high bridge.

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We stayed through until Monday.  We got up to catch the 5:30am tide and Chief Engineer Dad on B Dock.  The John Arthur just backed right up and Dad stepped on for the ride back to Harbour North Marina.

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Man we had fun!!!  We had about a million people onboard for tours and talk.  I can't wait for next year!!!