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After a winter of planning and preparing, the John Arthur made the 12 hour trip to Solomon's Island for the 5th annual Old Marine Engine Show.  This trip was also very significant because the John Arthur celebrated it's first year of retirement.  The weather was somewhat gloomy, but the trip went off without a glitch and the warm smiling faces of friends kept the mood bright.  The Calvert Marine Museum hosts the show.  The staff, volunteers and administration really do a wonderful job making everyone welcome.

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The crew consisted of George IVy, Mike U, George III, Paul L and Linda (taking picture), . 

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Paul is contemplating something.  Maybe he's thinking about how to show folks around the tug.  We didn't keep a running number of visitors for Friday and Saturday, but I'd bet it was around 400 people. 

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This is one of my favorite pictures.  It really shows the John Arthur and the old Drum Point Lighthouse well.

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On Saturday we took about a 1 hour ride up the Patuxent River.  This is us heading back into the dock.

P4300057.JPG (579823 bytes)

Here is a link to the Old Marine Engine discussion board with more pictures.  I will work on this page more in the next few days, so check back soon!!!